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Pilates Challenges at Sweaty Studio

Stay consistent, motivated, and improve your body image with new Pilates challenges every month!

Cycle Syncing

Get workout videos curated to each phase of your cycle: (Menstrual) light workouts, stretching (Follicular) sculpt, strengthen (Ovulatory) cardio, dynamic movements (Luteal) chill workouts, stretching.

Monthly Challenges

Join our welcoming and supportive community for each new Pilates challenge. All levels welcome! All monthly challenges are thoughtfully and intuitively designed to target a different mind/body focus.

Feel-Good Pilates

Combine feel-good affirmations with Pilates for an empowering Pilates experience. Every Pilates flow is designed to leave you feeling restored, connected, and confident inside & out!

Welcome Sweaty Queen!

As a former competitive figure skater who struggled with body image and chronic injuries, I fell in love with low-impact β€œflow” type workouts, like Pilates and barre. After spending many years feeling bloated, low energy and discouraged, I realized the power of listening to how your body feels before/during/after your workout. Not only do you see physical results through doing the right exercises for you, but you also get mental results! Combining my favorite transformative mind and body practices, I've created my own technique of movement: an empowering blend of motivational affirmations, Pilates, and barre style exercises.

xx Cal

Certified Pilates and Barre Instructor Certified Holistic Health Coach