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Quick Announcement + Gymxiety Advice

Hey beautiful!

If you're like me and have ever experienced anxiety around going to the gym or studio, then definitely watch this video I made you.

I'm on a mission to help you become your best, empowered self inside + out through combining affirmations with fun, effective Pilates workouts.

But recently...

I've been filming Pilates x Strength classes for Sweaty Studio to give you the lengthening benefits of Pilates with the strengthening benefits of lifting! [coming Sep 1st]

These workouts are truly my new favorite style of movement. I feel stronger mentally and physically and have increased confidence as a result.

So whether you're a gym girly at heart who's been curious about Pilates or are a seasoned Pilates pro who is craving some strength progression in your life, this new workout is for you!

PLUS, if you aren't a huge fan of the gym, you can do these workouts from the comfort of your home. :)

You'll have all the workout splits you need: push days, pull days, body part specific splits, and more with my 28-day Pilates x Strength Challenge.

Want to really spice things up? Use 10-15lb dumbbells.

These workouts are YOUR time, so find the weight that feels best for you and your bod!

Our challenge starts Sep 1st and will be the perfect way to start the new school year, return to work after summer travels, and reset your mind + body to finish this year off STRONG!

ily xx Cal

P.S. If you're excited to enter your strong girl era, use this link to get dumbbells before our challenge starts! These pink dumbbells are super affordable and are currently on sale so don't miss out! I recommend 10-15 lb dumbbells for this challenge. Mine will be 15 lbs in these new videos!

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