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How To Exercise Consistently

I used to hate my body…

My junior year of high school, I stood in front of my mirror wearing my new bikini and started crying.

Why can’t I have a flatter stomach? Why do my thighs touch? Why can’t I look like the girls I see on Instagram?

In that moment, I felt hopeless.

I was stuck in an endless cycle of working out for hours at a time followed by intense fad diets, binging, motivation burnout and repeat.

It felt impossible to stay consistent.

I would tell myself how ugly I looked, get a spark of motivation for several days and then stop when I didn’t see instant results.

It wasn’t until this past year that I finally cracked the code for consistency and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Part of the reason people drop their consistent workout schedule is because they lose sight of their intention for exercise.

When my intention was to look more like that girl on social media, my motivation was temporary, and because results take more than a day to see, I got burned out of that fuel source very quickly and was left with a dry tank that didn’t want to keep going.

The feeling of being never enough slipped into my mind and… I quit.

On the other hand, when my intention is to appreciate my body, acknowledge my victories in life, and exercise because I like how it makes me feel, I discovered a fuel source that didn’t run out.

Then in 2022, I made a commitment to transform my relationship with my body and fitness… the outcome? I saw the best mental & physical results of my life.

As a certified Pilates and Barre instructor, I created my own online Pilates studio to make a difference in people's lives and empower people to master their intention.

If you're tired of working out inconsistently, staying motivated, feeling like you're never enough...

Remember to find the right intention and you'll have an endless supply of motivation.

This is what happened for me, and it can happen for you too <3

You are enough :) No one else can be you, even if they try.

More to come tomorrow :) have the best day.

xx, Cal

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