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3 Tips To Become Your Best Self

I’m so grateful that yesterday’s transformation story about how I healed my fitness relationship and became consistent helped you!


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The messages I've been getting show me that what I do every day is changing people's lives inside and out, and for that I'm smiling SO BIG as I type this :)


A few days ago, I asked our community what 2 struggles were holding them back… over half of you responded with “consistency” and a tie for 2nd between “motivation” and “body image.”


To help you with these, I’m going to share with you 3 tips to become the best version of you.


The version who shows up for herself on the daily with love. <3


But first, a quick story…


Last Christmas, I had my “dream body” by society’s standards… I fit into a size small, had toned abs, Miami tan, cute nails and blown out hair… but the irony was that while I looked put together on the outside, I was battling an eating disorder, anxiety, and low confidence..


My body became weaker and weaker to the point where a 15 minute workout felt like too much.


A quote that stuck with me is “You can’t hate yourself into a body that you love.”


During this period of my life, I was doing the opposite of loving my body. I was harming it.


3 ways to become your best self/love your bod:


  1. Start with a narrative shift - The best version of you is not defined by your body shape or size at all. It's the one that can see your value beyond all that. Nothing external can define you in your best version.

  2. Set new intentions or your “why” - Your transformation into your best self starts when you begin doing things out of love. Love for yourself, love for others.

  3. Sprinkle affirmations into your day - Another way to transform your body image mindset is to start telling yourself affirmations throughout the day. One way to do this is try speaking to yourself like the most caring person in your life would speak to you - this is especially empowering during workouts!

The best feeling is finding the type of exercise you enjoy that makes you feel good for who you are, not what you look like.


Tomorrow, we’re putting these tips into practice with a free Pilates workout I posted 1 week early, just for you!

xx, Cal

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