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pov: you struggle with exercise guilt

"What do you mean the gym is closed today?!" I threw my phone and wondered how I was going to solve this workout dilemma.

I had to workout today, I just HAD to. If I skipped the gym today then all of my progress would be lost... that's how it works right???

Guilt and stress started to flood my mind the as soon as I considered taking the day off.

To make things worse, I looked at myself in the mirror and felt that "mean girl mind chatter" start to rip me a new one.

"You can't afford to skip your workout. I mean look at you. Plus, you ate that ENTIRE burger last night."

If you've experienced a similar situation, then you know the root cause begins with body image.

Let me guess. You want to feel comfortable in the mirror, not discouraged.

You want to feel confident in every outfit you put on.

And you want to feel content when you take a rest day, not attacked.

Guess what? You're not going through this alone, my queen!

You've got a golden opportunity to feel secure, confident, and all kinds of empowered, thanks to my mini workout plan. :)

And no, it's not a crazy long 90-day thing, not even 30 days. And forget about it being a weight loss program.

It's a 5-day mini fitness plan that's all about those feel-good workout vibes and positive self-talk to help you fall in love with your body every step of the journey!

Psst... here is the link for free access. 👀

💡 PRO TIP: It helps tremendously to workout at the same time every day. Whether that's at night or before sunrise, find your time and block it out on your schedule. Total consistency game-changer!

Oh, and here's the real tea from the queens who tried my workouts:

"Omg I felt so loved and worthy doing this workout 🥺"

"I just started my pilates journey to better help my mental health and I love so much how encouraging you are and how you add in affirmations about self love within the video!"

"Love your workouts, they are really helpful for broke students like me that want a genuine good experience with their body and not be forced to endure fat-shaming"

If you think you're too busy to workout this week, just count the minutes you spend scrolling on IG or TikTok. Bet it's way more than you think. <3

COMMENT "I'm ready" if you're ready to slay the rest of 2023!!

xx, Cal

P.S. If you've been struggling to stay consistent with fitness, I've got a free 5-day workout plan for you!

Read more about my transformation (and hopefully yours) here.

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