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July = healing girl szn

Hey beautiful!

Imagine yourself fully healed from the things you identified yesterday. Our healing girl summer Pilates + journaling program is designed to bring you to this place in your mind and body.

As a holistic health coach, part of my job is helping people heal from things. As a certified Pilates instructor, I LOVE creating workouts that combine feel-good healing words with fun and effective movement.

It's the self-love power combo that has changed so many people's lives already.

Speaking of power combos, how about Pilates and journaling?? I think yes!!

If you don't have a journal, that's ok! I'm creating printable journal prompts for our 20 days of journaling. <3

If you're like me and don't have a printer (I haven't had a working printer in like 5 years! lol), then you can use your phone and write your answers down on paper somewhere you can keep track and monitor your healing journey's progress.

Tomorrow we're going to enter our healing girl era together :)

xx, Cal

P.S. July is going to be a month where we reflect and focus on inner healing, combining journal prompts, affirmations, and Pilates workouts. If that's something you might be interested in, then stay tuned for Sunday's post where I'll tell you more. Talk to you tomorrow! :)










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