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How to Heal Your Mind and Body Through Exercise

Hey beautiful!

Have you ever needed healing for something?

I'm here to tell you that you can be healed mentally and physically.

If you're like "Callie you're crazy" - I want you to just hang tight until the end of this email.

As a holistic health coach, part of my rewarding work involves getting deep and real with my clients - figuring out what's really going on, so that they can feel heard and we can find the best solution.

When I was building Sweaty Studio, I was struggling with anxiety and depression and I would literally film the workout when I was going through it.

When I filmed my "Pilates for Anxiety" workouts, I was actually on the verge of a mental breakdown. And after I filmed the workout, I no longer experienced anxiety and my mental health had improved.

I combined affirmations and breathwork into my workouts to bring intention and healing into the exercises.

Movement. Is. Medicine. <3

When I got real with myself and took ownership of the healing I needed, my healing journey began.

Just for you, I'm making a 4-week Pilates + journaling program focused on healing.

This July is the perfect time to enter your healing girl era, break out your Pilates mat and journal, and get the mental clarity you've been longing for.

You are WORTHY of healing.

There is so much power in our words - we can build people up or tear them down with the same mouth.

Let's use or words to bring life and healing :)

Claim your healing. REPLY and tell me if you are going to start healing this summer!

xx, Cal

P.S. I'll teach you more about healing tomorrow. For now just start thinking about what you'd like healing for :) it can be a physical need, mental, financial, emotional, spiritual, or something else. Just be real with yourself, get deep with you, only YOU know what you really need.

My 5 tips to prioritize your healing this summer.








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