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June Pilates Program: 14-Day Abs Program Introduction

Are you ready to transform your mind and body out of a place of love? Do you dream of having stronger abs, more energy, and endless queen confidence?

I'm here to tell you that you are worthy of all of these things <3 and thanks to your amazing ideas, I've created a transformational opportunity to help you experience the power of Pilates - our 14-Day Pilates Abs Challenge!!

But before we get into the challenge deets, I need to give you some context on how Pilates changed my life...

I grew up a competitive figure skater with Olympic sized dreams only to have those same dreams come crashing down when I found myself sobbing in pain after yet another knee injury.

My chronic tendonitis tried to stop me from moving my body through exercise and skating, but after finishing my first barre class with no pain, I realized that low impact workouts could be the missing piece in this puzzle...

Several years later, I was in college, no longer skating competitively, struggling with restriction and body image. I found myself forcing my body to work against itself doing workouts that I didn't love but thought were the only way to see results which caused my tendonitis to flare up yet again.

When I was 19, I rediscovered my passion for low impact movement, and I became a certified barre instructor. For the first time in my life, I saw that some of my clients were exercising for reasons other than just changing how they looked.

They were exercising to simply feel good and improve their mental health.

Later that year, I got my Pilates certification and dove deep into my self healing journey, discovering the true power of connecting the mind with feel good movement.

Pilates became my safe space where I could embrace the present moment, release any tension or stress, and reconnect with my self. Through the gentle lengthening movements, I experienced a newfound sense of strength and confidence.

When I started my YouTube channel in 2020, I realized there were so many people looking for the same thing, but the only workouts available focused on weight loss in a way that planted an idea that they weren't good enough and that their body wasn't beautiful unless they constantly changed it by over-exercising.

That's when I decided to create Sweaty Studio and blend affirmations into all of my workouts. Every movement is matched with gratitude for the body. Every class brings inner + outer transformation.

The simple act of hugging yourself with love after completing your workout is in most of my classes. Why? Because you are worthy of love!!

And now, our 14-Day Pilates Abs Challenge starts in just over 1 week, where you will embrace the joy of intentional and empowering movement and re-discover your best self.

This challenge is not just about sculpting your abs—it's about re-igniting your passion for life, finding your "why", and celebrating the beauty of your body no matter what phase of life you're in :)

I'm SO excited to start this 14-day abs program with you! Keep the comments coming!! <3

xx, Cal

P.S. Thank you all who sent me ideas for our next Pilates program! We create new programs every month, and next month's challenge will be SO exciting and perfect if you want to sculpt + tone your abs.. Keep an eye out for an email this week with more details on our new program opening June 5th, 2023!

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