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Your 14-Day Abs Transformation

I just got back from a much needed beach day, chowing down on some delicious chicken tenders from Publix and reading Happy Place by Emily Henry, and I wanted to send you some more info about our 14-Day Pilates Abs program!

Quickly, take a moment and imagine what your future self will feel like once you finish a 14-day abs challenge...

You prob feel super strong and proud of yourself, right?

I wanted to pass along 2 inspiring Sweaty fam testimonials from previous challenges.

Just today, I opened my email inbox to see this message from Cristina, one of our Sweaty Studio members:

"Just wanted to let you know that because of your program I’ve been able to stick to a workout routine and see, not only the physical benefits of getting stronger, a huge improvement in my general mood and self esteem. I really like how nontoxic your approach to exercise is and the awesome vibes you give off.

Keep doing what you’re doing!!

Really looking forward to the abs challenge!!"

Another win from a Sweaty Studio member that made me smile so big:

"I am currently on the final week (week four) of the December Hustle Challenge and I can honestly say this is the most consistent I’ve been with any workout schedule. I had never tried pilates before, but I have fallen in love with it since.

Through the monthly challenges Callie, the fabulous instructor, provides a variety of guided pilates workouts for you to try, ranging from 10 to 30 minute sessions. If your not motivated by a set schedule, the Sweaty Studio also offers a range of prerecorded classes that you can choose from...

I would definitely recommend the Sweaty Studio!"

These are just two examples of the many transformations that have taken place thanks to our Pilates programs. I wanted to share these stories to show you that it is possible to accomplish the feeling you envisioned, and you CAN do it!

So, mark your calendar for June 5th - aka the start of our 14-Day Abs Challenge - where you'll not only sculpt your abs but also embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love.

REPLY "I love my body" if you're going to take our 14-day abs challenge!!

Remember, balance is key! <3

xx, Cal

P.S. I am beyond excited to have you join us for this incredible program. Your commitment and dedication will bring forth positive change in your life. Keep the comments and ideas flowing, and stay tuned for more details on our upcoming program opening on June 5th, 2023 :)

Learn more about our upcoming Pilates program here.

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