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Your Abs Transformation Starts Now!

At the end of my last post, I asked you all to reply with "I love my body" if you are planning to join our summer abs challenge, and guys, SO many of you replied!!! It makes my heart so happy to see someone's name come across my screen with a simple email that reads "I love my body". You are all so inspiring, and I appreciate each and every one of you. <3

Some common struggles I've noticed among our beautiful Sweaty community are themes like feeling a lack of confidence, unmotivated, being too busy to workout, and struggling to get back on track when missing a day of workouts

If you're worried this summer abs challenge won't work for you, I am here to remind you that thousands of women around the world send me messages telling me about their beautiful mind/body results they've seen from staying consistent with my workouts.

Now, I want to share my 3 tangible tips to help you overcome your struggles and get the most out of this challenge.

3 ways to get the best results from your summer abs challenge:

  1. Complete it at your own pace: Don't worry if you miss a workout or need a rest day. This program is designed to be completed in 2-4 weeks, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up or even complete it twice if you're feeling extra motivated!
  2. Celebrate whenever possible: Remember to speak encouraging words to yourself, celebrate milestones, and enjoy the little wins throughout the day - whether it's a compliment, achieving a goal, or simply spending quality time with a friend. Love your body along the entire journey.
  3. Make it social: Invite a friend, family member, your partner, or someone you're close with (dogs are allowed!) to join the challenge with you. Sharing the experience and keeping each other accountable will make it even more fun :)

Ok, now is your time to shine and put these tips into practice! Mark your calendar for June 5th and get a head start with this super quick 5 min abs workout!!

Try this 5 min abs workout (free until Sunday).

xx, Cal

P.S. I'm making my fav abs workout free until Sunday to help you get started. Remember that doors open to this challenge on June 5th, so mark your calendars and let's crush it together!!

Try this 5 min abs workout (free until Sunday).

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