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Hot Girl Summer is Coming! Here’s How You Can Make it Your Best One Yet

Before I start this post I want to acknowledge that I know buzzwords and phrases like “Hot Girl Summer”, “THAT girl”, and “Soft Girl Era”, can be cringey to some but bear with me here! The beauty of these phrases, whether they are trending or not, is that they can mean whatever you want them to mean. With that being said, let’s talk about how you can level up this summer and make it your version of “Hot Girl Summer.” 

To kick things off, let’s focus on your mindset. Grab your journal or phone notes and answer these prompts: What thoughts come up for you when you think about summer? Why do these thoughts come up? When did these feelings about summer first begin?

Maybe summer presses out insecurities and fear around not looking good enough for “bikini season” or anxieties over the need to fill your extra time with productivity or FOMO over your friends going on extravagant vacations while you stay at home. If the thoughts coming up are holding you back from embracing your best self this hot girl summer, I invite you to question or better yet even challenge those thoughts. 

Positive affirmations (which you all know I personally love), meditation, spending time with God, or even journaling can be great ways to acknowledge, question, and begin to shift those negative thoughts to something more uplifting.

Once you’ve started rewiring your beliefs and cast out those unkind thoughts, you can start showing up for yourself by setting empowering goals that push you to grow into an elevated version of you. Have you ever thought about what you’d like to see happen this summer?

Each new season is a new opportunity to start fresh and re-examine goals, plans, and desires. So what would you want to happen in an ideal world and how can you start incorporating some of those things right now?

Are you looking for a summer fling full of adventurous dates but don’t have anyone up to your standards? Take yourself out on a solo date. Wanting to up your confidence levels this summer? Put on a cute af fit that makes you feel hot even if you aren’t leaving the house.

No one can make you take the first step towards your goals, but you. Love yourself at the beginning, middle and end of the journey by treating yourself like a best friend the whole way.

Remember that having a “Hot Girl Summer” is less about what you look like on the outside and more about how you feel on the inside! If you feel happy, confident, and self-assured then girly you are winning! 

And lastly, I challenge you to embrace your inner child this summer. Our society is built around the energy of always moving forward and improving but often leaves out time to have fun in the present moment. Word on the street is that hot girl summer is also filled with enjoying the little things like doing handstands in the ocean or dancing in the rain with your girlies.

If you’re interested in following my summer adventures (which will likely involve a lot of beach trips) then you can follow me on my Instagram or Tik Tok

xx, Cal

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