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Are You in Your “Healing Girl” Era? Here Are 5 Tips to Prioritize Your Self Care This Summer

Hey again my beautiful queens!

So I know I just posted my advice about how to have your best “Hot Girl Summer” but I absolutely cannot forget my girlies who are in their healing girl era. I’ve definitely been there so I know how important it is to take time to prioritize taking care of yourself. 


So if you’re feeling like this summer is less about going out and more about spending time working on yourself then these are my tips for you.


#1 - Make your self-care less about what you need to remove and more about what you can add to bring in more joy and more balance into your life. A lot of times when we’re focused on bettering ourselves we think about all of the things we need to cut out. 


Sometimes focusing on ways to add MORE good can help you reach your goals faster than focusing so much time and effort into restricting or cutting things out. 


What comes to mind when I think about this is especially dieting. A lot of times we go into a diet thinking here is what I can’t eat or what I need to cut out, and while I get that’s necessary at times, I think what makes it more beneficial for your mental well-being is to shift to what you can add into your life to feel better. When you do this, the stress that comes with feeling limited and cutting things out is taken away, and with less stress everything comes WAY easier trust me.


#2 - Be present. No matter what you choose to do this summer or with whom, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try to be as present in the moment as possible!


We sometimes let so much time slip away being stuck in our minds thinking of all of the things that could go wrong, focusing on how we look or how we sound. It will bring you so much peace when you learn to go back to that childlike state of just being present in whatever it is you’re doing. So whether that’s a cozy day in watching movies and eating popcorn, or a day at the beach, focusing on how it feels to be in that moment will make it all the more meaningful.


#3 - Romanticize your life. Healing isn’t always easy but it doesn’t always have to be so serious either. Look for opportunities to take things slow and just cherish those small moments. Like maybe put on a cute little outfit prior to having your morning cup of coffee. Buy yourself some flowers when you go on your grocery run. Make a cute little charcuterie board at home and enjoy it alone or with friends. 


There are so many opportunities everyday to bring more joy into our lives when we take time to and we end up feeling better because of it.


#4 - Move your body. We all know exercise is important. I mean if you’re on this blog you’ve probably taken one of my Sweaty Studio workouts. When you’re intentional about moving your body every day you feel so much more energized and ultimately mentally so much more at ease. 


That doesn’t have to look like a crazy intense HIIT workout every day. It could be a low impact at home Pilates workout or a walk with your dog. Even if you’re having a moment of low energy, sometimes just taking time to get in a good stretch can make all the difference.


#5 - Last but not least would be to tap into community. A healing girl summer does NOT have to mean a lonely girl summer. Having a strong sense of community can be the most healing thing you can do for yourself! 


So whether that be with friends, via a church, or workout community (see mine here). It’s so healing to find other like minded people to encourage, uplift, and inspire you on a regular basis.


Well my queens I hope these tips are helpful. I would love to hear any other plans or ideas for your healing girl summer if you’re planning to have one. Feel free to connect with me on Tik Tok or Instagram where I’m frequently posting Q&As and chatting it up with this incredible community.


Until next time!


xx, Cal

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